closed for policy reasons

As we will never get tired of explaining, A/I is a collective that offers its services only to groups and individuals who embrace the fundamental principles of antifascism, antiracism, antisexism and antimilitarism as well as a non-commercial approach.

We are extremely glad to see that most of our users understand this requirement and not only agree with our policy and manifesto, but often use our services for critical projects aimed at turning those same principles into reality.

Unfortunately sometimes the opposite happens, but when we find out (and we do!) that someone has cheated on us, and has used his or her account for spreading messages that go against our principles, we  immediately close that account together with all related services. This is what has just happened with, a blog opened by the so-called Ukraine Revolutionary Army and very close to the far-right positions of Right Sector.

If you notice other blogs that clash against our policy and manifesto, please let us know by writing to

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