temporaneo down di un nostro server – temporary downtime for one of our servers

Se oggi avete notato problemi ad accedere uno dei nostri servizi, probabilmente li stavate cercando sul server che abbiamo in olanda e  che oggi ha avuto un problema legato al provider.
Tutto “sotto controllo”, nessuna azione poliziesca per intenderci, solo la proverbiale sfiga. :)
Di seguito troverete il comunicato del provider.

If you noticed any problem accessing our services today you may have hitten a server not reachable because of a provider issue, not any police raid for today, just murphy’s law.

Here the provider announce on the net we found:

Published: Thursday, October 20, 2011
Author: Jasper Baker

Xs4all-customers since Thursday morning suffering from a major failure. The cause is not in the DSL network itself, but a component in XS4ALL’s data center.

One of the main routers Xs4all partially smashed. “A number of cards in it are down. There are some people across the country had suffered from,” says Niels Huijbregts,spokesman Xs4All. At time of writing there are physical network cables omgeplugdto other routers, then the damaged cards are replaced. “We are now at the end of the fault.”

Main part piece Router
Xs4all itself puts the problem as a network failure or down, but Huijbregts indicates that it is not the DSL network themselves. This makes the services of the Intenetprovider “less accessible”, said the error page that states that the failure began at 05:00 tonight. 

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