Why change the password? – Perché cambiare la password?

La migrazione di fine maggio ci ha permesso di avere:

  • infrastruttura più robusta e compartimentata, (più difficile in caso di intrusione muoversi all’interno)
  • cartelle mail cifrate singolarmente (ora ogni casella è cifrata con la SUA pasw e non collettivamente)
  • [opzionale] autenticazione a due fattori (2fa) con token hardware u2f (resistente ai casi di phishing)

Tutto ciò, solo se cambiate la password! Fatelo!

Ti pare un salto nel buio? Ecco cosa ti aspetta:  immagine in fondo…

While upgrading the infrastructure we have also added these new features:

1) in case of an attempted intrusion it is now much more difficult to
cause permanent harm, since services are disposable because of

2) each mailbox is encrypted with a user specific key, therefore its
contents are not available to anyone else than the user herself (not us

3) it is now possible to use both two factors authentication and
hardware based tokens, adding an extra layer of mitigation against
phishing attempts.

All these features will be activated by just changing your password,
just get it done now!

If you feel concerned about how you could complete this operation on
your own, here is a complete preview of the whole process:

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